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Public Cloud Services

Public cloud providers offer a wide range of services that can be used by individuals, businesses, and organizations. Some of the services that you can provide on public cloud include:

  1. Compute: Public cloud providers offer virtual machines, containers, and serverless computing services that allow you to run your applications on the cloud.

  2. Storage: Public cloud providers offer object storage, block storage, and file storage services that allow you to store and manage your data on the cloud.

  3. Networking: Public cloud providers offer networking services such as virtual private cloud, load balancing, and content delivery networks that allow you to connect your applications and services to the cloud.

  4. Database: Public cloud providers offer managed database services that allow you to store and manage your data in a secure and scalable manner.

  5. Analytics: Public cloud providers offer analytics services that allow you to analyze your data and gain insights into your business.

  6. Security: Public cloud providers offer security services such as identity and access management, encryption, and network security that allow you to secure your applications and data on the cloud.

  7. AI and Machine Learning: Public cloud providers offer machine learning and artificial intelligence services that allow you to build and train models, analyze data, and integrate AI into your applications.

Overall, public cloud providers offer a wide range of services that can be used to run and manage your applications, store and manage your data, and secure your infrastructure on the cloud.

We offer public cloud migrations, management and monitoring of your all major public cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud and Oracle cloud.

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Private Cloud

A private cloud is a cloud computing environment that is dedicated to a single organization or business. It is a type of cloud deployment model that provides the benefits of cloud computing such as scalability, flexibility, and cost savings, but with greater control and security.

Zeus Technologies will help with managing your Private clouds  using various tools and technologies that allow organizations to monitor and control their cloud resources. Here are some Zeus Technologies can help in each of the following steps for managing a private cloud:

  1. Choose the right cloud management platform: A cloud management platform is a software tool that helps you manage your private cloud resources. There are several cloud management platforms available in the market, such as OpenStack, VMware, and Microsoft Azure Stack.

  2. Define your cloud infrastructure: Define the infrastructure components of your private cloud, such as virtual machines, storage, network, and security. You can use a variety of tools such as hypervisors, software-defined networking, and virtual storage to set up your private cloud infrastructure.

  3. Provision resources: Once you have defined your cloud infrastructure, you can start provisioning resources such as virtual machines and storage. You can use your cloud management platform to automate the provisioning process.

  4. Monitor and manage your resources: Use your cloud management platform to monitor and manage your resources. You can use monitoring tools to track the performance and availability of your virtual machines, storage, and network. You can also use management tools to configure and manage your cloud resources.

  5. Implement security and compliance: Security and compliance are critical in managing a private cloud. Use security tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption to secure your cloud infrastructure. Also, ensure that your private cloud complies with relevant regulations and standards.

Overall, managing a private cloud requires careful planning, expertise, and the right set of tools and technologies and Zeus Technologies experts can help.

Hybrid cloud​

A hybrid cloud combines two or more cloud deployment models, such as public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises infrastructure. It allows organizations to leverage the benefits of each cloud model, such as scalability and cost efficiency of public clouds and security and control of private clouds. To manage a hybrid cloud, organizations need to use cloud management tools and technologies that provide visibility, automation, and security across multiple cloud environments.

Zeus Technologies is a company that provides a range of cloud management solutions, including solutions for managing hybrid cloud environments. Here are some ways in which Zeus technologies can help manage hybrid clouds:

  1. Orchestration and automation: Zeus technologies provide orchestration and automation capabilities that enable organizations to manage their hybrid cloud environments more efficiently. With Zeus technologies, you can automate provisioning, scaling, and de-provisioning of resources across different cloud environments.

  2. Cloud visibility and management: Zeus technologies provide a unified view of your hybrid cloud environment, allowing you to monitor and manage resources across multiple clouds. This enables you to gain visibility into resource utilization, cost management, and compliance management.

  3. Hybrid cloud security: Zeus technologies provide security capabilities for hybrid cloud environments, allowing you to secure your applications and data across different clouds. This includes access management, identity and access management, and data encryption.

  4. Cost optimization: Zeus technologies can help you optimize costs across your hybrid cloud environment by providing tools for cost analysis, cost management, and cost allocation.

  5. Hybrid cloud migration: Zeus technologies can help you migrate workloads and applications between different cloud environments, including private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Overall, Zeus technologies provide a range of capabilities that can help organizations manage their hybrid cloud environments more effectively. By leveraging Zeus technologies, organizations can achieve better performance, improved security, and greater flexibility in managing their hybrid cloud environments.


A public cloud is as secure or even more secure than a private cloud. Zeus Technologies experts can help you secure your public cloud workloads using best practices recommendations from cloud providers.

The answer is may be. In some scenarios a traditional lift and shift will be expensive running in Public clouds. Zeus Technologies experts can look into your budgets and make recommendations to keep your cloud costs at check.

Yes, All major cloud providers offer hybrid cloud solutions which can be leveraged. As always security, availability and costs should be considered.

Yes, it is possible. It needs some planning and expertise which Zeus Technologies can help architect, deploy and manage.

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